Brian, of Indianapolis, blind student at Bosma Rehabilitation Center

“NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana is an information access service which has conveniently opened the world up to me in an easy and accessible format. As a blind student and young professional I rely on NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana to place me on an equal playing field with my sighted peers as it relates to current events in the world. With the assistance of NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana, I can stay current on local, national, and international issues. I can do this from the convenience of my home via a telephone; just as easily, I can access NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana information while on the go with the assistance of a mobile device. With the help of NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana, I can efficiently gather sports scores and recaps, political headlines, and browse through reputable magazines. Without the assistance of NFB-NEWSLINE Indiana, I would not be as informed or as engaged in the happenings of my community. I have the ability to lead conversations as opposed to not knowing what is going on in the world around me. With the multiple voice and speed configurations, NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana can be customized to meet the needs of a wide-ranging audience. NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana’s content selection is constantly growing; from the USA Today to the Indianapolis Star, NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana is the place I turn to for recreation, education, and research.”

James, of Hammond Indiana, a student at Purdue University Calumet

“I am currently a graduate student at Purdue University Calumet. I am in the Mental Health and Counseling program. I was introduced to NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana in 2004. I am a transplant from outside of Indiana, and NFB-NEWSLINE® initially allowed me to stay informed on issues back in my home town. As a student, NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana has given me invaluable information and resources from around the world pertaining to my studies. NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana has provided me with research material critical to our national current events, as well as international. I have especially been impressed with the fact that NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana continually adds new features, which gives the Blind community more access to the print media world. From job listings, to Target circulars, to the ability to access Apple products, NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana has something for everyone. I can say that I have become more empowered since discovering NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana.”

Danny Wayne from Terre Haute, manager of the Older Blind Program at the Wabash Independent Living & Learning Center

“During my home visits with individuals who are experiencing vision loss I am asked for a way for them to access the local newspaper in Terre Haute, IN. I support the National Federation of the Blind’s NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana resource. The addition of this local resource for obituaries, news, and sports will allow individuals who have very limited vision to obtain the social, informative, and recreational knowledge to enjoy content and information.”

Eric, of Fort Wayne, business management professional

“I am a business professional who lost his eyesight about 6 years ago. Before I lost my eyesight I was an avid reader of newspapers reading 3 or 4 daily. When I lost my eyesight I was no longer able to consume information visually and floundered until I found NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana, allowing me to quickly access my favorite publications across the business world and consume the information that is important to me where and when I want. I especially like the new iPhone App for accessing NFB-NEWSLINE® as it allows me even greater access to information using technology already in my pocket. My primary access points to NFB-NEWSLINE® are the iPhone App Website. I use both to stay current on business and market trends as well as national and international news.”